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  • 1.  recycle

    Posted 09-24-2020 14:54
    Hello SPE, thank you for the info on the need to recycle, very important.  We are a small injection molder. we generate 200 to 300 lbs of scrap every few months.  At present we spend $200 to have someone take it away.  I my opinion there is a need for some method of getting a list of companies that have the same problem and seeing that it is not becoming land fill.  I am sure it the dollars that is holding this back. Ed 131122
    Ed Varga
    D & D Technology, Inc.
    908-688-5184 Fax

  • 2.  RE: recycle

    Posted 09-25-2020 09:27
    Your issue is more about volume than anything else - it's a good thing to generate so little scrap.  I am assuming that it is sorted by material type - few people will touch such a small amount of mixed material.  There are recyclers who will spot buy small amounts, but you need someone close by so that transportation is not an issue ( this quantity is easily driven in a small truck).  Pennies per pound is a good deal - really you just want to avoid the trash fee. You may want to contact a large processor in your area to hook on to his recycling scheme.

    Bryan Kazmer

  • 3.  RE: recycle

    Posted 09-25-2020 11:34
    Hello Mr. Bryan Kazmer, our closes recycle is in Phil PA.  The cost of a truck and driver is more the having a local junk guy pick it up. So it is all about costs. We are willing to give it away it is the transportation that prevents it, but if you where able to have 20 molders all giving you 200 lbs, that is 4,000 lbs at let say $.60 a lb. you now have $2,400. Maybe there is some goverment money that can get thrown in to sweeten the pie?  Ed Varga D & D Technology Inc.

  • 4.  RE: recycle

    Posted 09-26-2020 13:41

    I did a Google search for "Plastic Injection Molders in NJ", clicked on the Google Map and found about half a dozen molders close to you and a dozen more that are within 40 or 50 miles. Get together with them, maybe through your local SPE chapter, and come up with a plan. It may be as easy as paying a high school kid with access to a pickup to drive around every month or two.

    Jerry Steiger
    Trimble, MCS Division

  • 5.  RE: recycle

    Posted 10-29-2020 21:29
    Hi Ed,

    Have you checked the companies listed on this website, https://www.plasticsmarkets.org/ ?


    Wan-Ting Chen
    University of Massachussets Lowell

  • 6.  RE: recycle

    Posted 29 days ago
    Edited by Eric Larson 29 days ago


    If I read between the lines, your question is not just about the money (a couple of hundred dollars, every few months). It is a question about "What is the right thing to do?" 

    I don't have the perfect answer to your question. But I often have clients ask me questions about recycling and sustainability. Usually general questions, phrased something like "What should we do?". My stock answer to that question is, Anything and Everything

    My suggestion, give it away to someone who could put it to good use. That someone might be an artist working on an art project, a gardener looking for some inert material in a raised bed, a class of students studying climate change, a scientist exploring new methods of de-polymerization, a researcher studying whatever.  

    I often sell used things, on ebay and/or Craigslist. Mostly personal things, but sometimes surplus materials. Price is always something to haggle over (as are costs). But there is a funny thing about people, they always like getting something for free - even if they have to drive a few miles to get it.  Every time I post something in the "Free Stuff" section of Craigslist, somebody offers to come pick it up, and put it to good use.  (Well, almost every time). 

    Yes, in the grand scheme of things, a few hundred pounds of plastic scrap every few months is not much. But it is something. And if someone, somewhere, could put it to use, that's a win for all of us. 

    - Eric

    P.S. I realize this thread is a few months old, but the question itself is timeless. 

    Eric Larson
    Art of Mass Production