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Congratulations to our 2017-2018 Scholarship Winners!

By Mercedes Landazuri posted 09-05-2017 16:31

As we prepare for the Color & Appearance Division conference RETEC 2017 in September, we'd like to take a moment to recognize the following scholarship winners the Color & Appearance Division had a record this year for scholarship applicants and we were able to award $35,250 in scholarships! 

Ian Donaldson - Geroge Rangos Memorial Scholarship
Christopher Mullins - Steve Goldstein Memorial Scholarship
Vincent Milano - Gary Beebe memorial Scholarship
Jamie Typer - Jack Graf Memorial Scholarship
Katherine Przybylski - Bob Charvat Memorial Scholarship

Bennett Thoma
Brendan Drusda
Gregory Aumann
Samuel Foster
William Waguespack
William Drash
Sandy Pitelli
Kaitlyn Clark
Madeleine Jones
Tim Tyler
Stephanie Shaffer
Alexis Kehmna
Lidsey Aumann
Aniya Stevens

If you or someone you know is interested in studying in a color/appearance-related field visit our site to learn more about SPE CAD's scholarships:

We hope to see you all at RETEC in two weeks!